The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.

Breath the Process of Life

 Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan (Indian Poet)
Former Associate Professor
 Government College Melur
Tamil Nadu, India

Breath the process of life
‌      Breathe in
              Breathe out
‌That is the process of life
‌The conscious state of being
‌aware of the consciousness
is the way to know about the inner self
        Some call it Atma    
   Many may call it
 Know the rhythmic process
Of inhaling the air
all the details involved in the intricate
matter may come to the aspirant
Knowing about the self becomes
 the need of the hour
When the state of inner awareness comes ,nothing will stop you from the 
Inward movement
For everything there should be a basis

What is the means to attain the inner awareness is nothing
 but the cooperation of the physical body
The alaignment is needed for the smooth functioning of the process
once the wagon called body is inits  .
conditions well,every thing will be plausible
Once the body and the soul are found to be at ease in this prana karma
‌A state of  joy not 
‌easily attained by all
‌can be easily attained
‌A thing of wonder unreachable
‌can be found reachable
‌Strenuous efforts help to achieve 
‌the state of bliss not
‌even dreamt by all
‌Once such an unrivalled stance
‌Comes within you
‌You can feel as if a rose blooms
‌Spreading the fragrance around you 
‌and all the near and far from you.