We are inviting submission for April issue, 2024 (Vol. 5, No. 1). For more details, visit the section "Call for Paper" on our official website.


(1) As per UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M. Phil/ Ph. D. Degree) Regulations, 2016, a Research Scholar has to publish one article in refereed journal. If I publish an article in peer-reviewed journal, is it valid as per UGC Regulations- 2016?

Answer: Yes, it is valid because both refereed and peer-reviewed are same in meaning. 

(2) I have heard from many people that only article published in UGC-CARE listed journals are valid. Is it true?

Answer: No, articles published in both UGC-CARE listed journals and any other peer-reviewed/ refereed journal are valid. The only difference between these two is- UGC-CARE listed journals are more privileged than NON-UGC CARE listed journals.

(3) Is the journal presently indexed?

Answer: Yes, the journal is indexed. Kindly follow the link: https://www.creativeflight.in/indexing

(4) What is the impact factor of the journal?

Answer: We are completely against the fake impact factor provided by many companies, though many journals are using these impact factors which are rather provided on payment instead of true assessment. So, we have not applied for the fake impact factor which are provided on payment. Kindly visit the link to see the list of companies which are presently providing the fake impact factor on payment: https://predatoryjournals.com/metrics/

(5) How will I judge that your journal is not predatory?

Answer: Our journal does not earn any profit. It is a non-profitable journal. Every submission undergoes a plagiarism test and blind review process prior to publication. Besides we bring out only two issues per year instead of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly issue only to publish original and standard submission. Our editorial board members who are associated with review process are well experts to perform these duties. All these and many others prove that our journal is not a predatory journal. 

(6) I have not found the subscription form on the website. How will I buy the subscription of the journal for our institution?

Answer: The link of subscription is not visible on the official website. Kindly visit the following link for subscription: https://www.creativeflight.in/subscription

(7) How will I know that my submission is selected?

Answer: A mail will be sent regarding the selection of submission. However, if not selected, no mail will be sent in this connection. If you find your submission is not published in the coming issue, it means the submission has failed to pass the review process. In this connection, no reason for nonacceptance will be given  in any circumstances.

(8) May I submit my published article?

Answer: No, we only invite original and unpublished article. All submission will be checked through Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker X and if  the submission is not found below  than 10 percent plagiarism, the submission will be at once rejected. Only submission below than 10 percent plagiarism will be sent for review.

(9) Does the journal charge money for publication?

Answer:  Since our journal is a non-profitable, we earn no profit from it. However, in order to meet the maintenance cost of website and the publication of hard copy, we charge a nominal fee of Rs. 350 for the publication of article and book review (excluding invited submission, poem, short story, travelogue, memoir and interview). This fee is later deducted from the original price of the hard copy which a contributor may buy or may not buy after the online publication. However, we recommend every contributor to buy the copy. The hard copy is brought out as per the similarity and seriality of online publication. If one shows unwillingness to purchase the copy after the online publication, the said money will not be refunded in any circumstances. Kindly note the said money is charged only to meet the maintenance cost of  website and the publication of the hard copy and not for any other personal benefit. 

(10) Does the journal provide e-Certificate for publication? Does the journal charge for e-Certificate?

Answer: Yes, e-Certificate for publication is provided on request. No charge is taken from the contributors for the  e-Certificate.

(11) Why does the journal ask for photograph and bio-note along with the submission?

Answer: We upload the bio and photograph of the contributors on our journal's website so we ask for photograph and bio-note. Kindly click "Our Contributors" tab or visit the link: https://www.creativeflight.in/our-contributors

(12) Can we withdraw our submission after publication?

Answer: No, you cannot withdraw your submission after publication in any circumstances.

(13) Can I submit article in any field?

Answer: No, you cannot. The journal invites article only in the area of literature and literary theory. 

(14) Can I send my submission in any language?

Answer: No, only submission written in English will be accepted?

If you need answer of your any query which you do not find above, kindly fill the form given below and provide us the detail of your query as much as possible.


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