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Dr. Jernail Singh Anand (Poet) Creative Flight Journal

Dr. Jernail  Singh Anand [World Poetry Conference]


DrJernail Singh Anand, Professor Emeritus in Indian Literature at Institute of European Roma Studies and Research, Crimes against Humanity and Internaitonal Law,  Belgrade [Serbia], Chairman, Galaxy International Foundation, President, World Poetry Conference, India 13-14th Oct 2019 and 2nd World Poetry Conference, Dehradun, June 19-20, 2020 is  one of the leading world poets, whom contemporary Literary Icon Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic has described as: “one of the greatest philosophers among poets, and one of the greatest poets among philosophers”. His reputation as a poet rests mainly on his epics ‘Geet: The Unsung Song of Eternity’[a sequel to John Milton’s ‘The Paradise Lost’ and ‘The Satanic Empire’[a sequel to Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’. His work ‘The Ganturbury Tales’ also edges past Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ and tries to recreated the old magic.

Hailing from Longowal, [Punjab, India], [b. 1955],  Anand acquired his Ph.D degree from Panjab University, Chandigarh, and was honoured with D.Litt. degree by Univ. of South America.  He has to his credit more than 62 books of English poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction and spirituality, and 50 research papers whereas 20 research papers were published on his works by DrRoghayeh Farsi, an Iranian scholar. He has innovated the theory of BIOTEXT(along with Iranian scholar DrRoghayeh Farsi) and CLOUD SYNDROME in Critical theory and is a refereed author. 

His verse anthologies which impacted literary scene include:  'Fighting the Flames' and  'Voices from the Void' ' Burning Bright' Beyond Life Beyond Death'. 

'The Broken Narrative' (a novel)  was recently published. 'Facing It' (poetry) is coming up. 

His works of spirituality 'Bliss:The Ultimate Magic' and 'I Belong to You' have been translated into Persian and published in Iran.  Bliss has been compared  with Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet' and his work of poetry, 'Beyond Life Beyond Death' to T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland'. 
Vishwabharati Res. Centre has brought out a Companion on Dr J.S. Anand’s work. 

He has been Secretary General of World Parliament of Literature and Ambassador, World Union of Poets, and Founder President, PhilosophiquePoetica. And Honorary Ambassador to Science fiction Academu of Macedonia for India.Dr. Anand has been honoured with various awards: such as Lord of World Peace and Literature, Award of Supreme Excellence [Vishwabharati], Cross of Peace, Cross of Literature, [World Union of Poets Italy], World Icon of Peace [Nigeria], Dr. Mohinder Singh Randhawa Award for Promotion of Art and Culture, Art4Peace Foundation California, Lifetime Achievement Award, World Laureate of Literature, Lifetime Achievement Award by Literati Cosmos Council, Mathura, and most recently African International Poetry Award and Gold Medal of Creativity from International Literary Union, America, plus numerous awards. And recently, appointed Ambassador to the Science Fiction Organization of Macedonia, and awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in Public Service and Human Rights by World Literary Forum for Peace and Humanity.


Dr. Anand believes in a seamless world of human love and compassion, and wants to build a bridge between abstract philosophy and social and spiritual activism in the true tradition of great poets, philosophers and sages who acted out their philosophy and contributed towards the betterment of human society.