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Debasis Samaddar (Author) Creative Flight Journal


Debasis Samaddar is an assistant teacher of English at Chowhatta High School, Birbhum, West Bengal. He completed his MA in English from the University of Burdwan. He has presented research papers at national and international level seminars and webinars. His scholarly research articles have been published in books and journals such as: “Representation of the Dalit Mahar Community’s Life Struggle in General and the Struggle of the Mahar Women in Particular, in Baby Kamble’s Autobiography, The Prisons We Broke: A Critical Scrutiny from Feminine Perspective” (Booksclinic Publishing); “A Study of Woman-Nature Similitude in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and The Taming of the Shrew” (AABS Publishing House); “Nature-Human Harmonious Inter-Relation in Kalidasa’s Abhigyana Shakuntalam: An Ecological Study” (Creatcrit, a peer-reviewed journal), and “Representation of the Tribal Malayarayar Community’s Life Struggle in Narayan’s Kocharethi: The Araya Woman: A Critical Scrutiny from Tribal Perspective” (Booksclinic Publishing). His areas of interest are Indian Classical Literature, Dalit Literature, Feminist Literature, Eco-criticism, Eco-feminism, South Asian Diaspora Studies and Cultural Studies.