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Dr. Rajan Lal (Poet) Creative Flight Journal


Dr. Rajan Lal is Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies and Research, J. S. Hindu P. G. College, Amroha (U. P.) India. He has attended two workshops, presented eleven research papers in national seminars and two in international ones, published five academic research papers in peer-reviewed national journals, eight in peer-reviewed international ones and three chapters in ISBN books. He is a freelance poet and editor of poetry and critic on research. He has been on the editorial board of "PAHAL HORIZON: An International Research Journal in Social Sciences, Humanities and Management ISSN 2456-4842", an active member of E.L.S.A.( English Literary Society of Agra) and life- long subscriber of "Re- Markings: A Biannual  Referred International Journal of English Letters, ISSN 0972-611X Impact Factor:8.380". He has attended more sixty online webinars on various literary and educational topics. He is going to edit a book entitled “Pandemics and Literature: A Historical Overview”. He has also authored a book entitled “Life and Art of kamala Das: New Perspectives”, which will be published shortly.