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My Legs Are Thinning Out


Guna Moran

Assamese poet & critic

Assam, India


Since the day

I did not even see the sky

My legs have been my trusted aide


Still on the scruffy legs

I can't manage time to smear a little oil


As I turned to feel after stumbling

It was discovered that

The legs have thinned out upto the calf


An unbearable pain

Suddenly split my heart into two


Unable to bear the pain of heart

Shattered by agony

I sat down under a tree


Can't do anything fresh at this age

Still I am the one nurturing a few uprising ones



What would befall on me?


As I raised my head slowly

Failing to reach the shore

In the endless expanse of the sea

The leaves and twigs of the tree

That I am leaning on

Are gradually drying up



Another volcanic corruption in the heart

I am dying down from the tip

The tree is drying up from the root.


(Translated by Bibekananda Choudhury, Editor-in-Chief, Dimorian Review, Assam, India)