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At Easter


At Easter

- Sarah Wardle (U.K.)

God is the wind in a spring tree,

testing its strength, as He tests me.

Branches sway and new leaves cling.

They are tossed about as if at sea

and sigh like white waves breaking.


All my life God’s been a mystery,

but here He is so suddenly.

I almost hear His voice talking

and as with poetic imagery

watch Him, while foliage is shaking.


This is my first epiphany.

Before now thunder, gale, or breeze,

was just that, not Him appearing.

May God return, if I look and see,

if I hear and keep on listening.


And sure enough His Easter peace

arrives with sunshine on still leaves.

God’s back in a blackbird’s singing,

a girl’s bright laughter in the street

and blood-red geraniums blooming.