Due to some technical issue, the October issue (Vol. 3, Issue 2) is to be published either in the last week of November or the first week of December, 2022. Inconvenience is regretted.



-  Bruce Bond (U.S.A.)

River consumes river, willow widow, water shore.

            We learned it as children.                                          

            But the length of a life never comes.                         

                        Is that what people call a death rattle,

             I asked.

                        And the nurse made a crucifix                       

            with the axis

                        of her finger on her lips.

            I felt small.                 

                        Like a pin that holds the wheel of a toy.       

So when it was over, I had a child’s face.

I stood before an ocean

                                    that was motionless as stone. 

            If only I were that still,

                                                I could walk across.

            I could step out of the picture

                        I feared

                                    and never make a wave.