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Sex Workers and Society


Sex Workers and Society 

 - K. V. Dominic (India)


Wine and women

weakness of men

From time immemorial

Destiny makes one a call girl

Never enjoys the profession

Society dragged her to the business

Seduced and abused by men

spat away like curry leaves

Patriarchy rules the world

Man controls society

Sinner is extolled

and sinned is punished

Seduced and cheated by men

some are sold to red streets

Some are kidnapped at childhood

and used for begging and sex work

Made pregnant, give birth to 

children of unknown fathers

Expelled by merciless society

they go out with their children

Either beg or do some work for survival

Branded as prostitutes

they are abhorred by society

And they continue their life of filth

Transgenders too are outcasts

Beguiled by men many become sex workers


Society has double standards

Adulterer is protected

while adulteress is crucified

When will the day come

when call girls and transgenders

are deemed members of our family?