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- Rochelle Potkar (India)

All my haphazard life I searched for straight paths.
Now I walk slapdash on orthodox ones.
I never thought I did find my other Self to become whole.

I forgot poetry.
It was for the lost and forlorn  -
footprints and bread crumbs of lovelessness.
Color, pixel, dwani, vani, tongue, thought, theorem, thesis
all gone once this wave comes.

Life, in its hide-n-seek, now had a sibling
without prologue, preamble, warning.
A phenomena so big, a tsunami from its stomach churning.

Where Love is, an eternal fountain of music opens
with no need for eardrum or instrument.
It descends into stepwells of all villages
like a disrupted gut, with a knife twisting.

It took time, this light to reach the distant planet
of me… in another galaxy.
Now I am receiving her dark vastness
so she fits into infinity.

When sands clear for the wind
to write a letter with no alphabets,
life reverses.
The opposite of life is not death then, but love.
Thoughts becoming smithereens of a mobius township –
mirages to naked soul: scattered rays
lamps in my eyes for an eternal song
on boundless nights.

I wonder: how did she ever find me?