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Cries for Freedom - Subhas C Ghose (India)




-         Subhas C Ghose (India) 


She sounds unhappy in the wake of the

Ongoing sufferings due to her captivity

And for her, naturally, I feel intensely sorry

As I can do nothing to her great relief!


I can’t see her from a distance with my

Skinny eyes though my ears are alert

And can catch hold of her agonies

Expressed through her queer cries.


As you may guess, she remains captive in

A house in our close vicinity, which is why

I can hear her frantic cries reinforced by her

Efforts at breaking free from the prolonged



Almost every minute of her day,

She remains awake and keeps wailing,

Screaming or shrieking, as if, to give

An urgent message to her heartless

captors, again and again.


From early mornings till late evenings,

Her uninterrupted high decibel cries keep

Neighbours perturbed, unable to rest and

Concentrate on things serious.


As bad luck would have it, the owners,

Indifferent to her sufferings, are much

Absorbed in their unbroken search for

Despicable pleasures, one after another.


Lustfully eying the beauty of the

Imprisoned being, is another of their

Voyeuristic pleasures that many of

The moneyed people usually enjoy.


In the given backdrop, the captors

Cruelly selfish, need be given an

Exemplary lesson for holding

The avian, fond of flying far and near,



Atrocities of the persons for holding

The beautiful and the large sized avian,

Resembling a pretty small woman, from

Speeding to its freedom as wide as the

sky, can never be pardoned.


That such a deed, as dastardly as this, may

Ever be perpetrated by human beings, can never

Simply be imagined 'cos it amounts to another

Worse crime denigrating the dignity of Man.