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Kanya Daan - Dipak Giri (India)




-         Dipak Giri (India)


Out of the mental peace

and of marital bliss,

from the bond of father

to the bound of other,

a practice and custom

of an age-old system,

she is destined to bear

with anxiety and fear.


In lieu of liberty,

on post stage puberty,

a hand, away from father,

a hand, near to other,

in the name of wedlock,

a loss of protection,

a custom that blocks,

old tie of relation.


A dogma, old and past,

a dogma, unto the last,

she’s destined to carry

with anguish and worry;

a  cultural dogma

unto the last with trauma

she’s destined to obey

under shock and dismay.


Out of worn out custom,

let her live, free from strain;

out of chain of system,

let her live, free from pain;

out of age-old dogma,

let her live, free from strife;

out of vast enigma,

let her feel, zeal in life;

out of object to disown,

let her live on her own.


*A ritual of unfairly giving away daughter from the right of father to the life-time right of the husband at the time of wedding as per Hindu marital code.