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My Cup of Fear - A. Judes Jalaja (India)




-         A. Judes Jalaja (India)


It’s all over there; everywhere I try to enter,     

to catch me unawares-

Jammed between my soles and the pedals,

trying to pull me hither and thither

with its puppet strings.


After many a battle-less defeat

I decided to free myself

of my listless fancy to

take a stroll

hand-in-hand with imagination.


And I thought it right

to repair my fallen wings

and stick back to the sides

as a child would do to its toy birds.


I raised myself up for a trial flight

across the vast expanse of my countless dreams.

Suddenly, I heard the cracking, and then the crashing.


Now I know that the enemy is around

with his newly recruited army

to make sure that I dream no more

and don’t even dare to imagine.