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Pranam to You Sunderlal Bahuguna! -K. V. Dominic (India)



-         K. V. Dominic (India)


“Why do you scream, trees?

Why don’t you cook and eat?” Sun asked

“Why don’t you sleep to my lullaby?” evening breeze asked

“How can we eat when our savior is lost?

How can we sleep when our beloved father

who hugs us is dead?” trees wailed

“Many of us would have been dead

had he not been alive

When thousands of humans die everyday

for want of sustaining oxygen

we have been feeding millions selflessly

least caring our own health and wellbeing

Dear corona virus, why didn’t you spare him

who always fought for us Nature and environment?”

“He was our savior too” birds cried

“Pranam to you, Sunderlal Bahuguna!”