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Tiffany- Shamik Dhar (India)



-         Shamik Dhar (India)

My father had brought her the day my only son was born. We were living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at that time. She was absolute stunner. Her jet black eyes spoke volumes. Her beautiful golden tanned body made her doubly attractive. Although my father had requested by saying, “Look son, I brought Tiffany home. She has nowhere else to go! You know the neighborhood, they would tear her apart. Had I left her when I found her! Although she appears dumb, but she might be lucky for you!”


I had instantly fallen in love with her. Although I was not sure that she would reciprocate my feelings after all she was dumb, and after all I was a married man.   When no one was around I would speak to her.


I had professed, “I love you!”


She had however remained dead silent at first, then tried to move her lips a bit and then look away as if in affirmation. I was never good at reading lips, I guess!


However, she didn’t bring me luck.


My father had passed away within a day or two after Tiffany arrived. I was too busy with the finishing the last rites of my father. The next day, in the morning when I woke up I found her waiting patiently by my bedside. My mom had said, “Look at Tiffany, poor lass. I didn’t offer her any food last night. Or did you do that son?”

I had silently gone to the fridge and offered her some of the left over pizza. She had gobbled the pizza like a hungry child without saying anything.

My mom had said, “You need to be more responsible and look to share food with Tiffany as well!”


It seemed more of a command.


My wife had arrived after being released from the hospital and was very annoyed at the sight of Tiffany. Although she didn’t say anything specific at first but I could feel she detested Tiffany.


One fine morning, I decided to take Tiffany for a swim in our swimming pool. I was accompanied by my wife who was busy taking care of my infant son, Jack. I and Tiffany had jumped in the pool much to the annoyance of my wife. Although I had some idea that Tiffany was an expert swimmer, catching up with her was almost next to impossible for me. I was laughing and enjoying myself with Tiffany, when my wife appositely shouted “Bloody hell, leave the gold fish and concentrate on our son, Jim!”