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(WHAT) A GIRL (LIKES) - Sagar Mal Gupta (India)



-         Sagar Mal Gupta (India)


You say

No girl feels attracted

to you.

Has a crush for you.

Were you handsome, tall and attractive?

an ace guitarist, singer and dancer

a poet ,fluent speaker or a painter.

Not only one

but many girls would have fallen for you.


Girls are endowed with

  super/ subtle  sensitivity.

They perceive   beyond the rugged

corporeal and naked world

the world she resides in.

Feelings, emotions, rhyme

words, music, colours and contours.

Gently falling rains

Slowly breaking waves

A soothing cuckoo’s song

mixed with rustling leaves

murmuring brooks

a salient touch of the cool air

a heart capturing

the aroma of flowers

the gentle flapping of birds

are her choicest abodes of dwelling.

If you want to attract a girl

to you

Be a flower

Be a wave

Be a gust of air

Be a shower of rain

Be a flash of lightning

Be a romantic poem

with a dash wit and humour

Be a John Monk’s painting

Be a sweet dream

and not  a bare , naked

rough, rugged and hairy body.