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-         K. Satchidanandan (India)


Now, this moment,a man reaches

The ninth cloud as he listens to a flute.

A woman bends down to earth

And cuts grass.

A tree looks with pity at its falling leaf.

A cow cleans its new-born calf

With its loving tongue.

A spider gropes in the air

Wondering where it should go next.

I sit staring at the vacant page.


It is isolated events that

Bring this world into being.

Like history, being made with

Love, blood and war.


Yet somewhere the roots of

Everything get entangled:

Of blood and language,

Mountains and hooves,

Rivers and birds,

Stars and bodies.


Someone is holding up the earth and

Sky together like a bearer in a hotel

Lifting up with a single hand

plates, spoons and forks,

And walking without dropping any of them

Towards Death’s huge dining table. 


My fallen hairs fly

towards Jupiter.