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-         Mike Jenkins (U.K.)


This poem will contain

Sex, violence, perversion and language -

There, I’ve caught your attention.


It will be from the viewpoint 

Of an obsessive psychopath, 

Therefore I shall take his persona.


So when I say ‘I’

It will not be me whatsoever,

So please avoid confusion.


It will also contain a gun

Used in the sadistic incident,

Hence the need for more trigger warnings.


The psychopath will be a paedophile stalker 

And member of the Royal family -

Not reflecting, in any way, my own opinion!


The gun is meant to have phallic connotations

And the act frankly appals me - 

But poetry too can be fiction.


This poem is not meant to offend. 

It is possible to show empathy surely,

Even with the most maligned.


This poem wrote itself.

Frankly, I don’t feel responsible for it.

So I’ll pull the trigger on it! Gone!