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-       P C K Prem (India)


Bestow on me a strong voice amidst muteness of multitudes

to awaken to truth of violence haunting children and women

living loneliness and feel frightened,  insecure and tears in eyes

 even while gun-trotting masked men patrol streets and fire at will

 quoting consent of holy book a prist tells.

I beg for everyone a powerful arm to defend the weak and the helpless

an ink to write on the face of manm to become a man, a servant of god

and kill the sprite inside who prowls when finds

aloneness of woman prone to attack to cater to sensuous pleasures

and forget while escaping into stupor even as priest preaches salvation

in modern power and sermons enjoying state benefaction.


It is portrayal of a culture born ages back but none agrees

I shout and spill blood in mirages in fear and terror.

In the eyes that make noise as voices remain mute.

Tell them of the five elements and of the body mortal

it will all perish and disappear like social justice that never materialized

 but create fracas in the greatest panchayat when netas break mike

and hurl chairs

but never pay for the loss but get fat salaries and fleece the public

sans sense of penitence, a mockery unprecedented.

and they are the devotees of common man!