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-         Josephine Dickinson (U.K.)


you lean forward,

half-expecting a visitor?

Or poise like an archer

aligning an arrow with its target

— three more in your quiver to go —

at the moment

your visitor

And did you breathe as if

for lack

of what to say when you saw

the card on the mat

the last card

And did you gasp when your

visitor arrived

and show him the snail shells

scattered on the garden path

where you'd sat in the sun

the day before

Did you slowly drift to sleep,

your cap beside you,

your stick propped on the two-seater,

the tv listings creased open on your left

Or were you startled by lights

from Matteo di Giovanni’s Assumption

for the first time since it was copied in the

National Gallery by student Dorothy Morgan

and slowly browned over the years

What was the moment like —

was it like slipping out the back door

at night, lifting and dropping the latch

as silently as you could manage

As the Christmas cards in the

unopened package turned into a

flock of birds and departed

in all directions?