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Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl by Aashisha Chakraborty


Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl by Aashisha Chakraborty


Reviewed by

Dr. Sapna Dogra

Assistant Professor

 Department of English

Government College Baroh

Himachal Pradesh, India

Mis(s) Adventures of a Salesgirl |Novel | Aashisha Chakraborty

 Rupa Publication, 2022, pp. 242, INR 295

ISBN: 978-93-5520-548-3


Mis(s) Adventures Of A Salesgirl by Aashisha Chakraborty is a fun and interesting story of an ordinary girl who goes out in the world learning to adapt and adjust. It’s a motivating narrative of a girl’s survival in a male-dominated world albeit with a twist and without drama and pathos.


In the prologue the readers are introduced to three of Ena’s traits: first, her impatience, as “she was born a month earlier than the due date”; second, her unconventionality, as she did not pick up anything from the tray during her anna Prasanna ceremony; third, her being a reader, as she began “fiddling” with books at an early age. What follows is the justification for these three traits.


When the novel opens, we meet Enakshi, a twenty-five-year-old Bengali girl who is about to enter the ‘deviously manipulative’ (5) world of salesmanship. She is pursuing her MBA at one of the prestigious business schools and begins working in a Telecom company. She is sent on a sales assignment to the scorching Chennai for a two-month internship. Most of her batchmates have been placed around Delhi and the distant Chennai is daunting to her family. Despite objections from her parents, she displays grit and determination. What follows is her trials and tribulations in a predominantly male-dominated sales world of sexism.


WhatsApp made her weep these days. People around her were either getting married, travelling to exotic places, winning expensive gadgets or enjoying unimaginable luxury. Whereas she was roaming the polluted, clogged, traffic-infested streets of Chennai, selling SIM cards. (44)


With a secret she must unravel, the novel also has a dose of suspense that makes the readers turn the pages. The novel is a complete entertainer with emotions and interesting turns and events.


The story was a bit predictable and incredible but overall, it was a fun read that I enjoyed. Ena is such a relatable character and I’m sure readers will be able to relate to her as well. The narrative is replete with subtle humour that is enough to keep the readers going. The secret that Ena pursues was predictable and not novel. In that way, the plot falls short of imagination. Anybody could figure out the secret that Ena pursues from chapter 1.


Written in lucid language, the story is gripping and interesting. The best part of the book is its humour.


But the thing that really got them curious was that a young girl was actually a sales officer. With her too-young-to-be-probing look, they would stare at her and ask uncomfortable questions, making her wish she was a little taller. (40)


Ena is a typical Bengali girl Reading a sequel to the book would add to the fun. One wishes to unravel what the future has in store for Enakshi.


Time, like light, decides the way it moves around people. Sometimes, it moves in a straight line. And at times, it bends around certain obstacles to reach where it wants to reach. (18)


The description of the plot's characters and situations was delightful. The flavour, colour, aroma, and fragrance of the things described are all easily recognisable.


All the characters in the novel like Pavan, Ram, etc., are well-developed. With lucid prose and a credible plot, the book is well brought out with a nice cover and an apt title. All in all, Mis(s) Adventures Of A Salesgirl is a pleasant read.


I wish Aashisha Chakraborty all the very best for her future projects.