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-         Manas Bakshi (India)


Clowns in a circus crack jokes, 

Make the spectators laugh. 

Swamped by the wind of change

The tents without animals

Now look different: lack-lustre and sullen---


Animals're relieved a bit-- it's proclaimed,  

An arena sans animals incomplete for a game -- it's lamented. 


Cruelty to animals --caged or stray-- continues everywhere, 

Mockery of animal rights too

When chained pets are whipped to be trained;


Another circus is going on in the name of election, 

Criminals unleashed for rigging and vote loot

At the behest of political figures

Switching sides at the drop of a hat! 


Why then at those-- in real life not jokers

We're still prompted to laugh? 

Tear off the mask, 

Say 'No' to unreal jestures--

It's all fudging with a soulful episode:


Sorrows and sufferings

Suppressed with feigned rainbow colours

Behind the real gloom

Of depressing dusk.