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-         K. V. Dominic (India)


Elephant largest animal on land
becomes slave to small creature Man
Trapped from wild it is celled in narrow cages
Legs bound fast with ropes and chains
Beaten and frightened with fire and crackers
Deprived of food, water and sleep
poor creature stands on feet for several days
Tamer then gives it water
and loosens ropes and chains
Elephant now learns
it is no more a free animal
To survive without pain
slavery to man is essential
After this first stage caged elephant
is brought to pool
with a tamed elephant on either side
Mahout is allowed to sit on its back
Using sharp hook, knife and stick
he teaches it to obey ten to thirty commands
Thus the helpless creature
becomes man’s slave forever

What for all these cruelty?
Which deity is pleased
at this atrocious worship?
Cruelty thy name is man!