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-       Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)

I want to be loved just once

Fried alive in the tandoor of passion

Not smouldering here and there

In bits and pieces

That does not burn up my inner fuels.


If you can give me that kind of love,

Come, erupt like a volcano

Spew hot stones down my darkest entrails

Spreading lava into my secret corridors

And burst my veins

With the abrasion of a billion galactic fireballs

Centaurus, Sombrero, Andromeda – devour me once for all.


If you can give me that kind of love

Come raging like a tsunami

Bringing cities and ships in your flanks

And crash into my heart with a piercing pain

Filling my banks

With the debris of a hundred civilisations

Incas, Aztec, Manchuria – I want to be buried in it all.


After that it will not matter anymore

if I were dead

you were dead

the world were dead.