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-         Manas Bakshi (India)


When it rains to envelop

A Corona-prone lockdown-hit cityscape,

Some people dive into nostalgic feel;

Some others in ecstatic thrill revel--

No, not unmindful

How Corona has triggered off

It's third wave......


Bemusing fragrance of seasonal flowers

Make the earth bed smell euphoric,

Circumference of mind remains the same

For passion and emotion

To enter and flee the autistic room

Stirring up some moments of intimacy

With someone's so far elusive second entity



How long will she keep herself away?

Mirror can't unmask a possessive self--

What will she do

If sudden drizzle at twilight

Touches again her secret window

And his absconder mind's derailed

By wayward Nature's pluvial sweep?

Both in the containment  zone worried

How to meet again.......