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-          Kuli Kohli (India)


We live in the boundary of maya* that governs our existence,

in my world, it was unthinkable that I’d be crossing my limits.


I have lived under everyone’s rules and what was expected of me;

a sad genie in a bottle, I’m dying to be set free, crossing my limits.


The silent voice that screamed inside me, a voice suppressed,

unable to visualise the dreams and goals of crossing my limits.


I sit quietly, I write to express myself on paper, on my computer;

at times I write all night long, without sleep, crossing my limits.


A feeling of growing bigger resides in the words, sentiments I write,

I want people to hear what I have to say; I’m crossing my limits.


I am hidden behind a dark shadow; I wish to follow my intuition

that will lead to someone who can help with crossing my limits.


Someone to show me how to dream, a mentor whom I can follow,

re-educate me, so I may unlock my potential in crossing my limits.


I walk over a bridge that takes me further than my expectations,

I learn to love myself; I give no reasons why I’m crossing my limits.


I realise now what was stopping me, it wasn’t society or family,

it was me, my fear of being defeated if I tried crossing my limits.


*maya - material world (Hindi)