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(In Memory of Chitrangada K.)


-       Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)

Just in case you find this world
just too much a burden for you -

Desperate moves for reconciliation

uninvited guests, the unending list

Of old phone numbers, anniversaries

appointment diary, the mandatory

Office time kiss, the routine pills

when lengthening shadows become frightening –

You can always my dear, find the path,

always come back to me.

                       ***** ***** *****

Just in case you find this life

just a meaningless pursuit for you –

Frantic rush to kindergarten,

the cutlery, toilet, then getting late

For the eight-fifteen, then ten to five

and rushing back, the evening

Parties, sleepless nights, when tomorrows

lacerate you in your dreams –

You can always my dear, hark back a while,

and revive certain memories.

***** ***** *****

Just in case you find it alone

in this vast, vast world around you –

Despite the teeming streets, the Sunday parks,

the familiar laughter of college day

Acquaintances, droll bedroom talks

and the empty tea cups invading

Your afternoons – though far away sure,

you can share your silent reveries –

Just in case the far away stars

seem oblivious of you.