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-         Janani K.S. (India)


Sitting in the shade of a tall and broad tree, 

A giraffe and peacock at once, 

I spot the light that flickers 

Through the gaps in bald spots. 

Like a diamond that reflects light, 

The age-old ground shines, 

Once here and once there, 

As the leaves rustle in the howling wind. 

“Not just the moving leaves,” I tell myself

“Even when you move, the light flickers” 

I think as I look once again 

At the shiny dappled ground.

Closing my eyes, 

I think about life, 

And the light. 

Maybe the leaves would move

To create my favourite specks of light:

The ground turned freckled. 

But, maybe, just maybe, 

I could move and look 

At the crystalline sparks

From a place I desire, 

And the ever-changing freckles

From a different vantage. 

But change is constant. 

Until the death of the night 

Buries the freckled skin. 

Even then a new day looms large