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K. Satchidanandan (India)


A pair of sandals

That would never wear out

Made by his own hands

To walk towards tomorrow.

A hurricane lamp

Burning dim with

the fuel of compassion

A handful of salt extracted from

tears shed for the nameless

by eyes that had seen death in sweetness.

A wheel spinning a thread for freedom

Which would never be completely woven.

A broom that would clean up both

Inside and outside. A pen pouring

The affection of bluebells into small letters

Onto a postcard made of sandal-paste

That says this much is enough

To create a good world. Some books

That glimmer at times like the

Slave’s desire for liberty. A globe

That goes round with the energy of

Brotherhood. A bucket to wash and beautify

The world dirtied by someone.

A stone-toaster ever kept warm

To turn five pieces of bread into five hundred

A green leaf still smelling of birds

That lends the milk-veins of nature

To the goat. A staff that crosses the earth’s edge

And walks towards God.

A pocket-watch that goes on ticking even after

The heart’s blood has been dripping on it.

( Remembering K M Madhusudan’s series of paintings,  Gandhi and Objects)