The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.

James Berkowitz (Poet) Creative Flight Journal


James Berkowitz is a poet, writer, and performance artist. Recent credits include literary and art journals “Impressions and Expressions” selected by the poetry ambassador to Oman, Beyond Words Literary Arts Magazine”, “Verbal Art Vol.3 No.2” Authors Press New Delhi,  “Spectrum Publishing Vol. 19 & 20”, “Levure Litteraire 14”, “San Francisco Peace and Hope”, “Edgar Allan Poet Journal # 3” along with Anthologies ZZyZx WriterZ “Intersections”, “The Revolutionary Poets Brigade – Los Angeles”, “Men in the Company of Women”, and the “Los Angeles Poetry Society Features” amongst several publications and media where his work is recognized. 


He is a human camera of observation who loves painting and sculpting poetic words and imagery embracing the magnificence of nature in its many settings as well as the pulse and stimulation of city streets. His greatest reward is connecting with other sentient beings and lifting the human spirit.