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Janani K.S. (Poet) Creative Flight Journal


Janani K.S. is a research scholar in English literature at the School of Social Sciences and Languages, Vellore Institute of Technology Chennai. She has published research articles in journals indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and UGC CARE. Apart from research, she likes to write poetry. Her poetry stems not from carefully-curated plans but from spontaneous ideas that strike her at any time and need creative release. Her poetry has appeared in Muse IndiaAnthology of Modern English Poetry, and Preamble Parity. It has also been included in an anthology that bagged a Guinness World Record. She is extremely passionate about neurodiversity and the lived experiences of neurodivergent people, specifically AuDHDers. Her hobbies include playing with her cat, listening to audiobooks, and doodling.