The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.

Sharuk Rahaman (Author) Creative Flight Journal


Sharuk Rahaman, Masters in English from Banaras Hindu University, is a full-time research scholar in the department of English Literature in The English and Foreign Languages University (Hyderabad). He has qualified UGC NET with JRF and West Bengal SET in English. His research area includes modern Indian plays in English translation (Badal Sircar and Utpal Dutt). His areas of interest are British poetry, New Literatures in English, 20th century English literature, Postmodern literature, Indian writings in English, literary criticism and theories, etc. He has presented research papers at national and international conferences,contributedbook chapters, and published research articles in various journals. He can be reached at