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-         Nandini Sahu (India)


Jupiter and mars collided and a new planet emerged.

Galaxies gave way, the milky way was divided.

Now make me the sun in the heaven.

Like new leaves coming, let nectar of poetry dawn.


In the gigantic stretch of cosmic space

where stars like diamonds glow and grace

a tapestry and phenomena of miracles unfurls

the cosmos, an empire that endlessly swirls.


Infinite galaxies illustrate a cosmic parade

in colors and silhouettes, creativity displayed.

Nebulas swirl in pulsating attire

birthing co-stars in their spiritual fire.


Planets in orbits, a holy ballet

each one has a dance floor in night's magnificent display

from Mercury's incinerator to Neptune's subzero chill

in the cosmic theater, they  bask in the glory and fulfil.


Black holes, inscrutable, furtive and deep

where gravity's twitch in enigmas does keep

invisible portals to lands unknown

in the heart of obscure darkness, they've grown.


Cosmic earth and intergalactic dreams

weaving anecdotes through cosmic streams

in the cosmic embroidery, let’s bargain our place

a fragment of certainty in this ceaseless space.


Yet as we contemplate at the glittery night

we're occupied with sensation, miracle, an untainted delight,

for in the cosmos, we're intertwined

with the universe's daintiness, endlessly aligned.


I do ponder, reconnoitre and roam

in the majesty and opulence of this cosmic home

for in its depths, Ire-invent my muse

in the cosmic theatre, my unhindered spirits fuse.