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About Us

About the Journal:

Creative Flight is an international half-yearly open access peer-reviewed  e-journal in English. The aim of this journal is to give opportunity to all creative writers to publish their write ups in form of articles, book reviews, poems, short stories, travelogues and interviews. In order to maintain quality based publication, the journal, instead of publishing literary outputs rapidly, follows a strict time frame of minimum gap of six months bringing out only two issues (April and October) in a year. During these six months, all submission undergo a strict and rigorous process of blind review where the identity of contributor is held back from the reviewers. Only after passing the review process, the submission is eligible for publication and the contributor is notified about the selection of his or her submission prior to publication. The journal is intentionally kept open access so that it may serve as a storehouse of resources to all and sundry at free of cost and without access barrier. The main motto of this journal is to prefer quality to quantity and holds this motto all time in future.

About the Editor-in-Chief:

Dr. Dipak Giri, Writer, Editor, from Cooch Behar, a district town within the jurisdiction of state West Bengal, India, is an acclaimed name in the field of academic and creative writings. Professionally a Teacher in Government Higher Secondary School (Katamari High School, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India, PIN- 736157), Dipak Giri, M.A. (English), M.A. (Education), B. Ed., Ph. D. (English), the editor cum publisher of Creative Flight journal, is passionately a researcher and has published a vast number of scholarly articles in both national and international forum. Prior to joining as a school teacher, he worked in several colleges near his local town Cooch Behar as a Part Time Lecturer, a Guest Lecturer and a Visiting Lecturer. They are Cooch Behar College, T. P. M. Mahavidyalaya, Dewanhat College and Vivekananda College. Now he has been assigned with many academic and research activities. He is the Peer Reviewer of the International Research Journal of Applied Linguistics and literary Studies, Continuing Proficiency Development Institute, Bangkok, Thailand and the editor of the Litinfinite- Scholarly Bi-Yearly Open Access Journal, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He is also working as Academic Counsellor in Netaji Subhas Open University, Cooch Behar College Study Centre, Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India. His area of studies includes Postcolonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Dalit Literature, Feminism and Gender Studies. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, an international journal of repute, published by Sage, U.K. has looked upon his works as worthy of being included in the Indian section of "The Bibliography of Commonwealth Literature”. One can visit https://www.dipakgiri.com/ to know him in detail. Few of his edited books which have earned high acclaim for him, are given below:
1.     Indian English Drama: Themes and Techniques (ISBN: 978-93-87966-83-3) More

2.     Indian English Novel: Styles and Motives (ISBN:  978-93-83109-82-1) More

3.     Postcolonial English Literature: Theory and Practice (ISBN:  978-93-87651-98-2) More

4.     Indian Women Novelists in English: Art and Vision (ISBN:  978-93-87966-83-3) More

5.     New Woman in Indian Literature: From Covert to Overt (ISBN: 978-93-87966-74-1) More

6.     Homosexuality in Contemporary Indian Literature: Issues and Challenges (ISBN: 978-93-88963-01-5) More

7.     Transgender in Indian Context: Rights and Activism (ISBN: 978-93-88963-25-1) More

8.     Gender and Marginality in Mahesh Dattani’s Drama: Text and Context (ISBN: 978-93-88963-32-9) More

9.     Immigration and Estrangement in Indian Diaspora Literature: A Critical Study (ISBN: 978-93-88963-43-5) More

10. Woman-Nature Interface: An Ecofeminist Study (ISBN: 978-93-88963-60-2) More

11. Same Sex Desire in Present India: An Anthology of Literary Texts and Contexts (ISBN: 978-620-0-23799-6) More

12. Perspectives on Indian Dalit Literature: Critical Responses (ISBN: 978-93-89757-71-2) More

13. Tribal Perspectives in India: Critical Responses (ISBN: 978-93-90192-22-9) More 

14. Queer Sexualities in Indian Culture : Critical Responses (ISBN: 978-93-90192-92-2) More

15. Subaltern Perspectives in Indian Context : Critical Responses (ISBN: 978-93-90655-92-2) More

16. Gender Perspectives in Indian Context : Critical Responses (ISBN: 978-93-90655-84-7) More