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Kings of a Usurped Estate

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand (Indian Poet of Eminence)
Professor Emeritus of English
Institute of the European Roma Studies and Research 
Crimes against Humanity and International Law 
Belgrade, Serbia 

They lived on niceties
and necessities
And we, simply on
They loved and kept
animals and birds in
We externed them to
And cleansed our
homes of all 'indecent'

We love milk but hate
We want joy but hate
We want beauty but
dislike butterflies
We want water, but
hate rivers.

What a race?
We believe in running
on borrowed feet.
Towards a destination
which is more a
We are men, charged
with highest forms of
And in our blind
obsession for power
Short circuit the laws of

We have imprisoned
nature which we
A threat in AC's and
Wrapped distances in
bullet trains.

We are those
insensitive sons and
Of earth who spurn her
very touch
And maintain a safe
And when our trains fly,
We shut the glass
windows so that
Its deafening shrieks
not reach our ears.

We don't listen to the
silent cries of animals
On the slaughter line,
Nor of men,
If they happen to serve
our greed.
We colonize the
 beauties of the earth
for ourselves
And leave the animals
to graze on metalled
pathways littered with
plastic wrappers.

Hitler was a proclaimed
offender of mankind.
We are worse, we have
More harm not only by
inflicting pain
On nature directly
But also by being silent
When men deny
manhood to men
And equal rights to the
first world.

The blood of great
victors we invoke
Off and on, and idolize
Ultimately, these were
the people
Who registered
victories over insects,
And leopards, and
gave a happier
Safe space to mankind
to flourish.

It is a usurped estate,
Not entirely nor
rightfully our own,
We have enslaved
waters, sunlight,
And the darknesses
Animals, the first world,
is at our feet,
It is an unnatural
The original kings and
cannot be enslaved
Nor insulted like this.

It is an affront to nature
And see the
thunderbolts coming
To set man's sanity
back in its folds
And bring him to his
knees, all over again.