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Socially-Distanced Love

Dr. Syed Ali Hamid (Indian Poet of Eminence)
Former Professor of English
Kumaun University Campus
Almora , Uttarakhand, India

It is a return
to the days of yore,
the old movies:
no pre-marital sex
no post-marital either
but just the kiss
the ultimate bliss
behind a tree
symbolized by two flowers
touching each other
assisted by the breeze.

The only difference now,
not even a kiss
but Messenger, WhatsApp,
Instagram, Email,
where one may reveal all
from next door
or a thousand miles away
without a touch.

Yes, we’ll wear masks when we meet
sanitize each other
as foreplay,
and reach ecstasy
with care
under controlled conditions.
After all,
life goes on.