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Twilight in Privacy

Sabuj Sarkar (Indian Poet) 
Assistant Professor
Department of English
University of Gour Banga
Malda, West Bengal, India

It makes difference when you are alone
On your birthdays. 

Green hills surround you like a puan
The warmth is everywhere and still you feel 
You are nobody’s;
A guest like an occasional shower
You are in hurry to get down the hill,
Green grass hardly giggles 
As you pass them down

Birthdays at home make you insane,
Phone calls, well wishers, gifts and flowers
Make you dazzled all through

Being alone on such a special day
Is a rejuvenation.
An unlit candle smiles on you
You see within,
You grow old, gradually, 
Wrinkles of a mountain woman
Make you feel stronger for a long journey
Chhangban in the morning,
Jhum field waits for you round the clock.
Wood stack on you heavy back hung low 
You prepare for another flight.

Such birthdays in Mizoram is always special
You are always in between
The aroma of Myanmar and the bustling sound of 
You are always in between
Relishing the sweet cake of Myanmar
In a bowl made in Bangladesh.

You meditate near the Presbyterian Church
The old man working over there
Hardly notices you.
You feel a warmth within when a
Gentle breeze from the distant Lushai Hills comes.

You prepare to go home 
Like the free petals of Bougainvillea
You remember the waiting faces of your family
Your daughter is always ready to cut the 
Cake made for you!!!

[Note: Puan is a traditional dress worn by women in Mizoram. Chhangban is a kind of bread taken regularly by Mizo people]