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How to Get Success


Dr. Rajan Lal

Assistant Professor

Department of English Studies and Research

J. S. Hindu P. G. College

Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India


Discipline, though hard work being key to all success,

But one must exhibit commitment and perseverance for this access,

For this one must be regular and humble,

In need one must do in double.


Stress being the chief and arch enemy of one’s success,

But be tolerant, harmonious and balanced to reduce its excess,

Decimate and minimize one’s many a need,

Then towards it no remedy wants any special heed.


Sound health and success go together,

Therefore, uncanny habits be abolished altogether,

By maintaining good health, to have success,

One must follow certain tactics,

Be honest, perseverant, simple and ego-less,

Otherwise one would become like lifeless.


Success not only in education,

But in myriad walks of life,

By curtailing and defeating one’s over ambition,

One may have success and bridge the strife.