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The Monster of 2020


Dr. Ariel T. Gutierrez

Chair of the Humanities 02

Music, Arts, and Physical Education Department

Angeles University Foundation-Integrated School

Angeles City, Philippines


There is a monster from the other sea,

that we cannot hear and we cannot see,

our home's safety is my utmost plea,

I want to hide on my mama's knees.


It has no wing but it can fly,

has no leg but can jump high,

just one grip and you'll surely cry,

please go home to skip goodbye.


No visitors, our home is locked,

it is closed, do not try to knock,

our fences with truly high blocks,

your precious time against the clock.


As i woke up on the breeze of rays,

one morning chills on monster spray,

in the rolling streets where people stay,

and at gleeful park where children play.


Go home! Be frightened! And be feared!

Monster's claws is harmful and dread!

If you'll be caught there is no bleed,

just one strike and your body is dead.


Fever and flu behind the scene,

sneezing here is a mortal sin,

stop coughing or you'll be in vain,

A cloth on mouth shoud keep again.


Schools were closed since yesterday,

no friends to giggle, hop, and play!

Works were down, to avoid being a prey!

here people becomes weak and pale.


No celebrities can conquer its fame,

even politicians were put into blame,

super power might defeat its flame.

nothing to do, all just the same.


Being hard headed im sure i'll bet,

that monster will take your breath.

Your wake at home we can't suggest,

only you! and no others guest.


We tried to give our utmost best,

stay at home thats what they suggest,

Keeping distance to waive the death,

naked stories stayed underneath our bed.


As the wave of death keep rising high,

The roaring horn at midnight plight,

even pray so might and tight,

mourning and weeping were all at sight.