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Layman’s Love: Real or Rare?


Sanchita Karmakar

State Aided College Teacher,

Kalipada Ghosh Tarai Mahavidyalaya,

Bagdogra, West Bengal, India


Built a cottage, made not out of

Solid brick, stone and cement

But with pure love, gentle care, understanding

To the fullest, loyalty at its best

No space for secrecy and treachery.


Too fragile emotions

That are real and rare – resulted the fall off

Cottage crushed under the storm of

Turbulent emotion, painful love

Tearful smile, pleasant heartache

Scathing yet soothing memory.


Because there is a saying

Nothing too much lasts longer

Real and purity has to take

A step back in this harsh/cruel world

For I never dreamt of Castle.


World taught me to aspire

For Mansion – full of greed,

Lust, ignorance – devoid of ideal love.


The one who is in close contact

With nature – dreams of nature

Longs to be with nature –

Cannot go against one’s own nature.


Nature of simplicity yet bold

Caring too much – at times very cold.


Utopia is for dreams,

Dystopia fits in reality.

Because what is ideal is not real

Real is rare!