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She’s Nature Made Human


 Dipak Giri

Assistant Teacher

Katamari High School (H.S.)

Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India


Is she a subject of

torture and suffering?

Is she an object of

prayer and offering?


Is she Rama’s Sita

who passes an ordeal?

Is she Krishna’s Radha

who undergoes trials?


Is she old-fashioned dress

which to be worn and torn?

Is she a worn-out thing

which to be used and thrown?


No, she is man-equal.

Yes, she is all-equal.

Out of man-made woman

she’s Nature made human.


More above the level

of dasi whom one ignores.

Far below the level

of devi whom one adores.


She is equal to man.

She is equal to all.

Out of man-made woman

she’s Nature made human.