☛ Submission for October, 2024 issue (Vol. 5, No. 2) is going on. The last date for submission is 30 September, 2024.

Pedro Panhoca da Silva (Author) Creative Flight Journal


Pedro Panhoca da Silva is a PhD student enrolled in the Graduate Program in Languages at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM); author of the book Traumas and Tabus (2016); quarterly collaborator of Legendary Art Magazine; monthly collaborator of Alarums & Excursions magazine; editorial member of Peixe Azul and Pantanal publishing houses; member of literary commissions of WebTv and Edições Literattus, member of the research groups "Poetics of negativity" – coordinated by Prof. PhD. Fabiano Rodrigo da Silva Santos – and "Literature in the post-modern context" – coordinated by Prof. PhD. Helena Bonito Couto Pereira; author of poems, tales and short stories in literary anthologies.