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Neelam Saxena Chandra (India)

In my restless dreams,

I often pass through lands,

Unknown, unheard and untrodden.


The other day

I was lost in a desert,

With no trace of mankind,

Not even a drop of water,

My parched soul

And my parched throat

Craved for the globules of nectar,

That would make me alive once again.

My clothes were entrenched

In the thorns of the cactus

That even pricked my body,

And I struggled to come out…


Another day, in the recent past,

I was lost in a land of snakes

Of various shapes and sizes,

I climbed a tree to escape from their fangs,

But there were several of them

On the trees too…

Scared and horror-struck I screamed,

With no hope…


Why are my dreams so restless?

Is it the restlessness of my soul

That gets transformed into these dreams?

And, why is the soul so edgy and unsettled?

Is it some unknown quest

Which my soul wishes to undertake,

But I get bound to some earthly love?


I don’t really mind

Even this fidgety journey,

Till it leads me to some ultimate solace…


O God! Take me into your embrace,

And let me be one with you!