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A Daughter’s Wish - Sagar Mal Gupta (India)



-         Sagar  Mal  Gupta (India)


Far from the prying eyes of the village sarpanch

Far from the questioning eyes of my mother

Far from the green eyes of my brother

Dad, I wish to go to some place

where  there is no discrimination against women

where there is no injustice against women

where there is liberty and equality

in ample measure to women,

where women are  not treated as sex objects

where women have equal space for growth

where women can build their nests

where women can grow their plants

where these plant flower and bear fruits

where women can achieve their cherished objectives

where women can take their own decisions

where women can attain their well-rounded personality.

But daughter, where shall that country be?

Could it be USA or UK?

Could it be Canada, dad?

But my dear, there  is no country,

in  fact, no place on earth, where women have

all these facilities you mentioned.

In that case, dad, I shall set up my own country,

My own land my own Shangri-La.