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A Perfect Morning - Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)




-         Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)


It was a perfect morning

cool and sunny

I was on my way through woods


The birds were on a song

bees danced and shimmied

Butterflies fluttered around yellow flowers


And then there was the bend

ahead, a little clearing

Before I could take my final road


Not even three steps had I taken

when I saw Him, face to face

                   just in front –not

Even a whisper away


Resting against the trunk as only he does

one leg bent slightly

smiling as only he can - just

a knowing smile, a little


Stretching of lips, forehead shining

in the yellow soft light

Just as you’d imagine him to be

Basking in his own halo


I blinked twice - even pinched my skin

Here, like this. And yes, he w-a-s there


As if he knew I was coming

breath turning to silent mist

dark curls twirling

With each passing breeze

He w-a-s standing there


But the third time I blinked

he was n - o - t  there


I know you won’t believe

I have no pictures on reel

But I have captured him alive

with these very eyes


See how thrilled are they, my eyes

having feasted on him

for a full moment

Look into them, look deep with faith


And you will see him there