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Since I Exist No More - Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)




-         Tapan Kumar Pradhan (India)


Let us now presume for a moment

That we had never known each other


The soft hours we spent together in café

Happened in another age in another clime


The peacock saree I purchased for you

The midnight oil I burned for your exams


Funky messages we exchanged on twitter

Were all a random alignment of electrons


Which have since auto realigned themselves

To mean something else in some other tongue


For someone somewhere else far away

Not related to you me not even her at all


Even if you undelete your sim card memories

Nothing should remain now of things we shared


But it comes back to haunt me each night

With redoubled brute force


Gnawing at my dark entrails

Like strings from a bond which refuses to snap


If I have ceased to exist for you (as you say)

Why should you torment me all day


all night I can only think of you now

In still larger doses than ever before


Writhing in the shadows left by your scars

In sultry footprints of your digital avatars