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The Broken Girl - T. V. Dhakshaayani (India)




-         T. V. Dhakshaayani (India)

She was like a wolf, but a lone one,

Drank water from the stench, which she shun,

Her eyes as cold as the pitch the world never seen,

Once was filled with love and happy screams.


They told her that the pack together strives and lives,

She proved them wrong as she forgives,

For those were days when she was frail,

She became a legend and her path tells a gritty tale.


Its starts as calm as the pace less water,

Things which she earned for no longer matter,

Is that what she wants to be !

Stock-still doll or a life less being.


Her  silent weeps echoes like a morning dew,

Seems like light but there is darkness too,

It spread deep and wide with help of wind,

Her life just begins for a beautiful end.


Is she fine ? is that what they want to ask,

No true self for they all wear mask,

Her life is like a masquerade ball,

All their pudgy attitude makes her appal.


The blooming flower gives a doleful scent,

Her past and pains are something she can’t confront,

The bees, are they happy? Not a mourn,

Her petals fall as she feels like she is forlorn.


The glassy breeze sheathes the barren land,

Looks like gold due to the blazing sun,

Can water harvest this beautiful land ,

Her body is shamed and wrecked for their fun.


The red moon shimmers so bright at night,

Why do they compare it to the cock light,

Each shines when their times comes ,

Why make her regret what she has become?


The coldness of the snow slowly soften,

Time of spring fills the air with pollen,
Makes the breath of wind so thawing and cordial,

Was she ever given or felt like that? Is that normal?


Her thought are like a frozen lake in the winter’s snow,

A tiny crack can break her whole,

Will her mind and body be like that river’s flow,

Or dampness and darkness stains her soul.


The lonely walk along the pathless Allee

Her mind and road seems like a long épée,

Will the music be enough to appease the sleeping trees,

But it is enough to melt the broken girl like gentle breeze.


At last she no longer fears the undying sun,

She didn’t want or earn for people, being alone is fun,

She became the screen for those stars to shine,

Cause her brokenness is what made other’s life align. 


To all the broken girls who feels like nothing,

Prevail so that your life and death will mean something

As there must be sadness to love happiness,

For each pages will turn into a tune of beautiful endlessness.