The Creative Section (Vol. 5, No. 1) is on its way and will be published by the end of May, 2024.

My Identity - Neha Kumari (India)




-         Neha Kumari (India)


Who are you to abnegate me?

Who are you to abjure me?

I renounce you all,

For my identity search.


Perplexed I am, due to voices inside,

Tell me, who am I?

Catatonic you turned me to, consecutively you ask me ‘who are you’?

A Male or A Female, tell me though.


You all bullied me in school,

You quenched like Hawk by sexually abusing,

You came with ruffians to assault and rape

You snatched education away, divested to the tunnel of pain.


Languished I became from afflictions and torment,

Society you threw me away by hand

Paradoxical you are by words and act

Shoving me to beg and sex.


You whip, molest, torment in ton…

That hurts! Sore! I cry in pain

A Trans I am, outcast refrain,

Your hands throttle my priceless dreams.


I walk miles in quest for peace,

If parents disown why society will keep?

Troubled I am for being unloved!

Let me have a minute for my own.


Repeatedly I ask question to Lord

Why you created me in this form,

Testicles I have as male, woman I want to be ahead

Subject I am to revulsion of all.


Happy I am, for the identity I own!

I know who I am for sure!

Justice we celebrate for now,

For rights we achieved, for rights we began.


My community is now at rapt,

Miles to walk for one and all,

Love me for who am I,

Embrace me, I will embrace you too.

Bully me not for we are children of same lord

Ask me not Who Am I.

I shall embosom you for love I get

And cease the afflictions you gave.