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Those Footsteps -Neelam Saxena Chandra (India)



-         Neelam Saxena Chandra (India)


As I lie down on my bed in the dark night,

Sleep eludes me as it has been doing

Since last few days.

Today, even the moonlight is missing…


As I twist and turn on the bed,

I can hear a few footsteps walking away…

Who’s it? I peep through the window!

I can’t see anyone…

But I can still hear the footsteps in the eerie silence

That has enveloped the atmosphere.


Are these footsteps that of

Some thief who’s stolen something and rushing back?

No, then he wouldn’t walk back so silently…

Has happiness decided to leave someone?

Or are they the retreating footsteps of someone’s love

That’s become old and is decaying little by little?

Or are the footsteps that of repose

That’s leaving everyone’s mind in these

Disturbing and edgy days?


Now, I can see the shadow of a man

With a long black overcoat and a mysterious hat

Sauntering merrily far away…

I think that it’s the frightfulness that’s going!

Are the merry days going to be back soon?


With the peaceful thought of gaiety finally returning,

I lie down on my bed once again-

And I finally sleep well after long

And wake up to a sunny morning

That embraces me tight!