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-         Arghya Singh (India)


O, the dedicated child of Mother India,

The intrepid spirit of your motherland you were;

An ardent devotee of the revered Swamiji,

The true leader of your indigenous populace you were.

That was the monk of knowledge–––Swami Vivekananda,

The sage of wisdom whose teachings did seed

The passionate feelings of patriotism in the young mind,

The young Subhas Bose, the brave-heart who dared to challenge

The mighty authority of the Crown, the audacious paws of Imperialism.

O, Bose, the Messiah as a divine gift to us you were,

You were the savior of our race, our culture.

You nurtured your ambition –––– the sole one

To free India, to unchain your motherland

From the shackles of the colonial misrule.


You, the scion of a high lineage,

Could have dreamt of a lucrative career for

A lifestyle of abundant comfort, which easily

Could you have ensured by dint of your merit and hardship;

The brilliant ward of a well-educated family,

You had in possession a high degree of academic talent

Which you achieved because of your earnest craving

For learning and by burning the midnight oil.

Much time you didn’t take to realize that

It was impossible to serve your nation as a civil servant,

As perception of yours was that serving the British Crown and

Rendering service to the nation couldn’t be simultaneously accomplished.

You being an ideal lover of your country dared

To forsake the lucrative and enviable job of a bureaucrat

Inspite of the fact that you stood fourth

In the ICS Examination only after a few months of rigorous study.


You took a major leap forward

By joining the national movement for the sake of our country.

You did take a plunge in Indian national politics

With the sole intent of freeing Mother India.

You always dreamt of an independent India,

But, alas! Could you see the same you desired?

You, yourself, were an able leadership, you were

Everybody’s leader and you had affection for everybody of your country;

Your popularity enraged the Imperial agents of the Union Jack

And you embraced imprisonment a number of times.

You led a stiff hunger strike at Mandalay jail,

There you passed starving days and sleepless nights by

Delving yourself in reading several books until

Your health deteriorated seriously.


O, the rising sun of India’s independence,

Among the then three hundred million population

You instilled rays of hope for liberation from

The plight of dependency under the ruthless rule of the blue eyes.

Your passionate call “Give me blood and I shall give you freedom”

Did appeal to the thousands of your brothers and sisters;

You raised an incredible militia –––– the Azad Hind Fauj

And thousands of hands joined you in the venture.

You cherished the idea –––– like cures the like,

And so you threw dust in the eyes of the White Masters

By means of escape from home internment and

Fleeing to Germany to seek the aid of the Nazis,

And then you made your way to the land of the rising sun

Risking your life, passing through perils in the seas.

The springing tiger, you were a threat to the Raj,

You made the Imperialists suffer from a nightmare

That their misrule would come to an end;

You launched attacks on the Empire from the corners,

The beginning of a new dawn you marked for the soil.

As a one man striking force you stood against the dark reign

Like shoots defy gravity and pervade hard rocks.

But did a plane crash claim this valiant soul?

Heroes like you perish never; eternally etched

Are those priceless gems in their nation’s memory.